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Are you having hard water issues? Maybe you’ve got mineral deposits in your faucets or stains in your sink. Perhaps your skin and hair is being affected by your water. Churchill Plumbing & Heating LLC of Woodcliff Lake, NJ has a solution for you. We can install and maintain water softeners and whole-house water filters on your Woodcliff Lake, NJ property. .

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4 ways hard water can affect your property

When your water is filled with minerals, it may come out of the tap pretty clear, but it can leave evidence all over your home. Here are a few ways hard water may be affecting your home:

  1. Your water has a strange taste or odor
  2. There are brown or red stains in your toilet, tub or sink
  3. Your pipes clog on a regular basis
  4. Your tub or shower constantly accumulates soap scum
Consult with Churchill Plumbing & Heating about improving your water supply with a water softener.